Good Shepherd Church | Sunday School
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Good Shepherd offers a vibrant, creative and exciting Sunday school ministry that always resonates with the children at their level. The classes are need-based and age appropriate for your child.




Crèche caters for nursing mothers. It offers a serene and private room equipped with a flat-screen television whereby mothers can follow the worship service. Additionally, it comes with a changing area for babies, a safe play-area and a variety toys for the babies.



Sapphire class caters for 2-3 year old children.



Jasper class caters for 4-6 year old kids



Emerald class caters for 7-9 year old kids



Topaz class caters for 10-13 year old kids



The Rites of Passage is a Christian mentoring program that targets class 8 kids. The program uses dynamic, interactive and heuristic approaches to mentoring that seek to challenge the children. It aims to prepare children to transition from adolescence into adulthood. It is a 1-year program that culminates with an end-year of camp.