Good Shepherd Church | Social Justice
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We aim to embrace a holistic biblical approach in promoting justice, peace and enhanced socio-economic well-being by creating an understanding within our congregation for greater engagement towards a just society. We aim to do this through three thematic strategies Isaiah 58: 6-10; Proverbs 11:10






Facilitate structured psycho-socio assistance to orphans, widows and unemployed GSC members for enhanced economic, spiritual well-being and identify opportunities for apprenticeship within the public and private sectors.






The Social Justice Ministry in conjunction with MAONO has started table banking. Table Banking or “Meza Mezani” allows groups to manage finances and grow their revolving funds while giving small need-based loans to its members ( The first group (Njiwa Savings) meets regularly every alternate Sunday at 11 a.m. and the second group (Imela Savings) meets every second Saturday of the month at 12 noon.

HOPE – Help Other People Eat


Buy and drop dried food stuff in the giving box at the back of the sanctuary OR give a supermarket voucher OR pick an envelope and donate cash (mark SJM on the envelope). Funds received through the above avenues are used to procure “food baskets” distributed to specific families within the church and support “walk-ins”.

Economic Empowerment


Social Justice seeks to facilitate training and provide market linkages for recycled plastics paper in production of unique trendy carrier bags, handbags, laptop and tablet pouches among many other items.





Encourage a sustainable saving and investment culture within Good Shepherd Church and the community by developing strategies of mobilizing individual resources for collective investment programs and opportunities through which the church generates alternative income.




We seek to empower members’ access accurate financial information through structured sessions. Plans are underway to set up a Good Shepherd Savings Cooperative Society where members will collectively save while proceeds from this venture will be used for investment.






Create linkages and opportunities for congregational engagement in public policy formulation impacting on justice, peace and social-economic issues; facilitate informed participation in democratization processes and empower individual to advocate for changes within societal structures that perpetuate the cycle of poverty and social injustice.




Pulpit sensitization sessions such as the “Year of Jubilee” and “Righteous Moments” every month.